Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Accounting services for real estate companies can provide valuable support in managing finances and navigating complex regulations. BNC & CO help to ensure that the company is making informed decisions about its finances, minimizing its tax liability, and staying on top of its obligations to stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Contruction Companies

Construction companies often face unique accounting challenges due to the nature of their business. They may have complex project budgets, multiple sources of revenue and expenses, and need to manage cash flow carefully. That's why accounting services for construction companies are important. BNC & CO is here, to help them stay on top of their financials and make informed decisions about their business

Transport & Logistics

BNC & CO have specialized experts who understand the unique needs and challenges of transportation and logistics companies and can be valuable resources for these businesses. By providing accounting services and other support, Our professionals can help companies optimize their operations and make informed decisions about their finances.

Healthcare Services

BNC & CO provides a valuable service to medical professionals who may not have the necessary knowledge or resources to handle taxation and accounting matters on their own. By offering industry-specific software and expertise, we are able to help our clients streamline their financial processes and avoid costly mistakes.

Sports & Entertainment

BNC & CO is specialized in accounting & Taxation services for the sports and entertainment industries, also a valuable resource for clients who want to ensure their financial affairs are in order while they focus on their careers and creative pursuits.

Public & Private Companies

BNC & CO- One Stop Financial Services is here to help clients identify new opportunities and develop effective strategies to capitalize on them. Whether it's expanding into new markets, launching new products or services, or optimizing existing operations, your advisors can provide the support and expertise needed to achieve success.

Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Distributers

BNC & CO is a specialized industry team's commitment to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities facing manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution businesses is sure to make you a valuable partner for companies in these industries. By providing tailored solutions and expert guidance, We can help our clients achieve sustainable success no matter the situations of their industries.

Self Employed

BNC & CO provides valuable accounting and tax services for self-employed individuals. We know managing a business alone can be challenging, and having a trusted partner to take care of financial matters can provide much-needed peace of mind. By offering services such as personal tax preparation, HST returns, and financial record-keeping, our clients can focus on running their businesses and achieving their goals without having to worry about the complexities of tax laws and regulations.

Fashion & Designing

The fashion apparel industry can be particularly challenging when it comes to finances, as it involves a complex network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Seeking financial services is essential for brands and retailers who want to keep their businesses running smoothly and profitably. BNC & CO provides you with full support.

Import & Export

BNC & CO as a financial professionals, helping import and export businesses with their financial statements and tax returns is crucial to ensuring their businesses are compliant and financially stable

Small Business

Small businesses have unique financial needs that require careful planning and management. From managing cash flow and expenses to securing financing and forecasting revenue, small business owners must stay on top of their finances to ensure long-term success. BNC & CO is specialized in this field.


Startups have unique financial needs that require careful attention and planning. These may include securing seed funding, managing burn rates, forecasting revenue growth, and developing a sustainable business model so they can spend more time on the business than calculating the numbers.

Retail & Consumer Products

Retail and consumer product companies have special financial needs, including managing inventory, optimizing pricing strategies, and forecasting consumer demand. Staying on top of financials and adapting to changes in the market can help ensure success in the competitive retail industry.


Restaurants have very vast financial needs, including managing inventory, labour costs, and high fixed expenses like rent and equipment. Proper financial management and forecasting are essential to ensuring profitability and long-term success in the competitive restaurant industry.


Franchises have their own financial needs, including the initial investment required to purchase a franchise, ongoing royalty fees, and marketing expenses. It's important for franchise owners to understand and manage their financials to ensure profitability and success. BNC & CO professionals are there to support them.

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